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August 2022 Performance Update

August 26, 2022

The uncertainty of financial markets continued in July as investors worried about the future of interest rates, inflation, and the risks of recession. But despite the uncertainty, public market sentiment rose higher with broader equities and fixed income closing the month with solid gains. WealthCo’s composite balanced portfolio posted a monthly return of 3.8% as outlined below:

The road ahead for both public and alternative markets will likely continue to be volatile as inflation updates continue to be released. At the time of writing (August 25, 2022), broad sentiment appears to be tilted toward a quicker reduction in inflation than perhaps was earlier anticipated which would temper how high and how fast short-term interest rates rise. Such a result would certainly be welcomed by investors across multiple asset classes.

WealthCo fund performance figures are presented net of investment management fees.
Our Global Equity Benchmark is the MSCI All Country World Index. This benchmark is the institutional standard for global equity benchmarking of diversified equity portfolios. It represents the market weighted performance of nearly 3,000 stocks (or approximately 85% of the global investable equity opportunity set).
Our Fixed Income Benchmark is the FTSE Canada Universe Bond Index. This benchmark is the institutional standard for Canadian fixed income benchmarking of diversified investment grade portfolios. It represents the performance of the Canadian dollar denominated investment-grade fixed income market.